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No lack of good ideas for EU industries expansion

Suxini is a Swedish network for ideas and innovations of interest for different parts of the EU industry, from traditional Industry of products and services to the industries of the future.

Our main activity is to bring new ideas and more efficient solutions to EU organisations and businesses.

Our approach is either based on the needs that an organisation might experience, or on opportunites to expand on existing or new markets. 

Our solutions are always based on profitability on the market a client is interested in, and the ideas we bring forward to our clients are always in line with client requirements and always show strong potential to bring a positive turnout to the organisation.

Solutions may include 

  • New ideas for new or expanding markets. 
  • New or improved products and solutions. 
  • IPR. 
  • Market analyses and estimations. 
  • Economic calculations. 
  • Cash-flow based ROI evaluations. 

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